The Story of my Skate Life:

as you  might guess, skating has been my life.  it all started in the late 70's, a rink rat at the local skating rink near my hometown in houston, texas.  i competed on quad skates (speed) in the 80's, and then took a hiatus to graduate from high school and take the plunge into college life.

college life was tough for me as i lost track of what i was there for and found myself hanging with the wrong crowd, living in the fast lane and partying like a rock star.  i somehow managed to graduate from college in 92, and that just happened to be the same year that inline skates hit the market and gained popularity.

with a little faith from above  and the help of a friend, we started a training regimen and joined champions speed team in 93, this time on inlines, and by 94 i had made a complete turnaround, living a clean, healthy lifestyle and had regained my life back.  although there were a few injury setbacks along the way, including breaking my neck/back which almost put an end to my skating career,  i went on to win over 40 national speed championships, skate on a banked track roller derby tv show called roller jam, win the master world marathon championships in italy, set the guinness world downhill record for fastest woman on skates,   featured in a television commercial for roadrunner high speed internet, compete in the espn xgames, and skate wftda flat track derby.  skating was my passion!

i am now living my dream, working for a company with the best skating equipment in the world, mentoring the younger skaters and traveling abroad with my skating families.

skate life usa is  a lifestyle brand; a fun way to express your passion for any and all types of skating.  when i was in the dark at rock bottom, skating is what brought me back into the light.  i feel that i owe my life to skating, and i hope by sharing my story that it will help others as well.   never give up on your dreams! skating not only saved my life, it is my life!  those two words are something i truly believe in.  skate life.

                                                                                                   debbie rice

skate life usa  

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